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Waking up in the morning, dressed up with much eagerness to resume at work as usual only to get to work and receive a sack letter.

This above is just one out of the many disappointments that people get faced with in life.

So many challenges here and there that you could almost believe that living a good life is an illusion.

I have been faced with serious challenges, some I even thought I would never pull through, but here I am today, better, wiser and getting closer to achieving my dreams.

Life is indisputably full of challenges, some light while some are intense. This reason is why you must brave yourself up so that nothing meet you unawares.

Perhaps this post meets you right in the middle of a drowning challenge and you’re asking “how do I survive this?” I have written some hacks that would help you survive and come out stronger.


This is highly essential. Everything may be happening so fast and you’re confused, stop the fidgeting and pacing, then take some time to breathe.

A deep breath in and another one out helps you be in control of your mind in the midst of challenges. It also keeps your body in check to avoid any negative influence as a result of what you’re going through.

Don’t overrate the challenge

The challenge might not even be as tough as you think it is so, why not calm down so you can know exactly where everything went wrong. You may not be able to place your finger on the root of the challenge, but please, have it settled in your mind that everything has a solution.

 It might take hours, days, weeks, months or even years to get everything back in shape, killing yourself however won’t make the solution come faster.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Your association and environment say a lot about how your mind works. True, the challenge may be serious, but take a check, who are the people around you? Do they give you positive vibes or otherwise? If otherwise, it’s probably time to change your association.

What are the things you feed your mind with through your eyes and ears? Are they positive or negative?

Be watchful of what you spend your time on because it determines to a great level what happens to you. Drop the negatives and dwell on the positives.

Take Things Slow

Another effective hack to staying positive despite life challenges is to be calm and calculated.

From observation, I’ve realized that doing anything too fast, even the basic things of life such as eating, never ends well. Once I take my time, I make the right decisions and everything goes well.

Are you in the middle of a very challenging situation? Slow down, breathe, think less of the overwhelming situation and surround yourself with positive people.

Life is good, you just need to know how to enjoy it.

Let me know how well this tip have helped you.

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  1. Kafayat Adebayo September 29, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    It has really helped. But where are the positive people? Many are fake, enjoying other’s downfall


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