Are you the type who wakes up, and gets out of bed humming excitedly because it’s a new day full of great possibilities or are you the type who gets out of bed with a sad countenance?

From my experience, how I start a day determines to a great length, how the day will run till the end of it.

Why you need to focus on the good side of the story, has everything to do with the mood you get out of bed with. The reason is that the state of your mind would determine the perspective from which you will view life and the situations that come with living.

Bad things happen every day, but even so, I prefer to keep a healthy state of mind by focusing on the good side of life’s story.

Here are reasons you should focus on the good side of the story:

It Guarantees Your Peace

Tell you what? Life is full of so much to be sad about already, anxieties here and there, insecurities, uncertainties, violence and many more evil deeds.

For instance, if I placed a cup of coffee on a table, by mistake it tripped and got broken without any further harm. A good side of that story is that the cup didn’t fall on my toes, assuming it did, the hot coffee could have burnt my leg and the broken pieces too would cut my toes. Can you now see that there’s always something to be thankful for? The good side of every story helps your sanity and keeps your mind at peace.

It Keeps Your Emotions in Check

Sad stories are enough to make your emotions unstable, but an effective way to beat that is by setting your mind on the good irrespective of how bad a story or situation is. Emotions including anger could make matters worse than they were at the onset, causing a lot of regrets in the long run.

It Keeps You Healthy

Have you been listening and ruminating on bad stories? Check it well, before you know it, your health might begin to deteriorate. It is medically proven that happy event not only help our mind, but they also nourish our bodies and hastens to heal where and when necessary.

Your mind most likely would want to think on the bad things (research has proven that humans often prefer to read or listen to negative news/stories) but you must deliberately take charge by standing at the ‘gate’ of your mind to watch what gains entrance into it.

It allows for optimism

Being optimistic is highly essential in our day-to-day activities. Consistent bad stories are capable of weighing you down and drowning you in the ‘sea’ of worries. Do you think people just wake up and feel like committing suicide? An attempt to commit suicide is a result of frequent negativities which have driven the individual to the point of giving up on life.

The next visitor or colleague that will come visiting you might do so with a sad story to share with you, but I need you to decide ahead from now to stay positive in spite of it all. If life throws you a coconut, make coconut juice out of it.

It’s essential for you to focus on the good side of the story because it guarantees your peace of mind, emotional balance and optimism to bring out the best on life.

I trust that this piece will help you live a better life henceforth, kindly reach out to me to tell me about how much it has helped you.

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