A trip down Memory Lane.

“I want to be a lawyer” “I want to be an aeronautic engineer” “I want to be a doctor” these were the kinds of responses we (my peers and I) used to give whenever we were asked what we would like to be in future.

We were young, we just wanted to be amazing things we saw on TV. I even had a friend who wanted to be a medical doctor because he had an uncle he looked up to in the profession.

Ambitions, wishes aren’t bad in themselves, but we really need to take a seat, think and ask ourselves “What kind of life do I want?”

I want to talk about how to live an extraordinary life despite life challenges, but first I’ll like to say this – your definition of “extraordinary life” may be different from mine.

Yours might still be being a medical doctor just like you wanted to be when you were four years old or maybe having two cars, a house to call your own, fat bank account, rich and wealthy children is what you call “extraordinary life”.

Whatever it may be, there is a ‘how’ to it.

Life is full of ups and downs, true, but your attitude towards like speaks a volume about the things that will happen to you.

I have observed that life will never get any easier, you can only thrive when you know how to navigate life to make it work in your favour.

Will life throw missiles at you? Yes. Will you get hit? Possibly. My question to you is, will you stay down because you got hit or you will pick yourself up and keep moving?

My Advice – Keep Moving.

I have explained some practical steps that are certain to help you live an extraordinary life despite the challenges that you are faced with below.

Answer these questions:

What does extraordinary mean to you? What do you want out of life?

Answering these questions sincerely will help you have proper definitions of your life. When you’ve answered the questions, set plans that would aid the achievement of your answers. Break your plans down into daily and weekly action points.

You need a lot of deliberateness to be successful so, don’t see this as too much.

Think highly of yourself.

Good self-esteem is different from pride. Stop sinking deeper into an imaginary ocean, you are talented, you have what nobody else has, you are the best of your kind. Seeing yourself this way is the beginning of your triumphant life.

You have flaws, so does that man or woman you envy. Everyone has flaws, but we must never fix our eyes on them, we must keep our head high and work towards becoming who we want to be.

The first way forward is by looking forward, nobody can successfully move forward with the face backwards or downward.

 Be kind

Being kind has more benefits than you can imagine.

Let empathy be a part of your daily living and maintain a good level of integrity. Humans are wired to do good to others, and that’s why we ordinarily feel uneasy when we do wrong.

You do yourself more good when you’re kind to someone. How? This is because it keeps your inner peace intact.

Live each day hoping for the best

Stop feeling like something bad will happen to you.

Life is a risk, bad things happen to people, but why should you keep thinking you’re the next candidate for evil?

Expect good always! Have high expectations!

I’ve chosen to live this way. It’s true that all my good desires may not happen, but nothing is fixed yet so, the best thing I can do for the sake of my joy is to stay positive. In my experience, a larger percentage of the good things I expect always happen to me.

Define your extraordinary, have good self-esteem, it doesn’t cost much to be kind so, be kind and always expect the best things to happen to you.

You deserve an extraordinary life, don’t you think?

I challenge you to build your living around these four points, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m sure this post has done so much as put a desire to demand more from life, kindly share so that others would be inspired just as you are, and let me know how I can be of better help in living out your extraordinary life.

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  1. Adedolapo June 26, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Awesome read. Well done champ!

  2. Mouhyden June 26, 2020 at 10:19 pm

    Rare fact???


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